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Hijab is an Arabic chat acceptation barrier or partition.In Islam, however, it has ...

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

HOW converted TO Islam ? PART 4

Son of head of the BBC converts to Islam

Jonathan Burt keen son of John Birt, Director General of the BBC, "BBC" to work in the school holiday period during the summer in an Islamic bookstore specializing in selling Islamic books and publications. He was also entered into discussions with customers about Islam, and explain to them the vision of Islam in addressing many of the issues faced by human societies. Bert was small during his journey of faith has studied Islam in depth. After thinking long this faith journey led him to convert to Islam.

It was Jonathan Birt when converting to Islam still lives in the family home in Northberry south London with his parents and his sister Eliza. And Jonathan Burt is named after his conversion to Islam to Yahya, the Arabic name corresponding to the name Jonathan. He was happy with its new name.

Jonathan did not want to take advantage of his father's fame in the media, but he preferred to retire away from the media spotlight and eager for action lawsuit. It was considered that his work in the library facilitates the task of his call to Islam with customers who frequent the library. Here we follow the path of faith journey to Bert small that led him to convert to Islam nine years ago.

Father John Burt admitted that there were not many things common between him and his son only a few things, although they lived together under one roof in most days of the week. The father was anxious that their lives Sttbaeidan more and more.

The mission of John Birt to lead a working group composed of thousands of people his mission to provide information to tens of millions of people all over the world. While the task of his son to spend his day in the attempt to publish a call of God on a smaller scale.

Islam and TV

And while he was riding a father Bert Omozan chauffeured car to the headquarters of the "BBC" in central London, Bert Jr. was riding the train from the station and Nduarth Common to the Islamic library in south London where it operates during the school summer holidays. In this library sold Islamic books and she knows the Library of the Academy of Al-Azhar, which opened in early August 1997.

Those who worked with Burt Jr. in this Islamic bookshop selling Islamic books and publications, and strange to them from a book titled "Islam and the television." Jonathan was the only non-Asian person who works in this Islamic library. It is also the only one who works in the center, which follow him this library, and to inform visitors about the courses that are taught Arabic language and Islamic customs.

Jonathan's work in the library during the summer vacation due to his interest in Islam which linked the fate of his life for nine years. Although Western upbringing, it was proud of the name Yahya, an Arabic name corresponding to the name Jonathan. The conversations include quotations in Arabic from the Koran.


In July 1997 he married Bert son of an Indian Muslim girl named Fawzia Bora. In the honeymoon Zara Syria, Jordan and East Jerusalem, and the desire to know the Islamic monuments in those areas.

When Burt Jr. grew up in his family home with his father Bert Catholic and his mother was born in America, the artist Jane Lake and his younger sister, Eliza, Jonathan did not show inclinations which would foreshadow his future religious.

The father Bert Catholic doctrine, he admitted that he did not care very much about the issue of his faith, he says: "I was not a religious man but I respect the religion."

When Burt Jr. was at the University of Manchester, England studying modern history, political science, he met a Muslim student who is thinking about religion forever. And began to change his outlook toward religion, and was a fellow Muslim in his room a significant impact on the occurrence of this change. The impact of this fellow Muslim in which his behavior and his way of life. Jonathan denied that this was the reason the owner in his conversion to Islam, but he considered him as a great influence on his decision.

Comparative Religion

In the middle of the last academic year of study, leaving Jonathan. Says Professor Frank Oujurman professor of modern history and political science at the University of Manchester, England: Jonathan left the study; because he could not settle here. He had particular problems, and was not happy with the course.

Jonathan registered his name in the bachelor's degree in the subject of comparative religion at the Institute of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. At this time, showed enthusiasm in this article, stressing that there would be no problems hamper his studies. Indeed, did not face any problem in this study, but he got the honors of the first class in this subject.

In the past year he attended the graduate teacher training at the University of Warwick. After a few weeks of the end of the session, Jonathan chose to work in an Islamic center. Friends say: that he thought that his ideas and viewpoints can glow through Islam. It was in that period goes on weekdays from Monday to Friday with his family in south London, while spending the weekend on Saturday and Sunday with his wife in Oxford.

The first meeting

Jonathan and Fawzia met for the first time in a lecture in 1996, and a friend said to them: Fawzia was working as a journalist at the time. And their love was love at first sight for both of them. He is sincere in his love for her. The time Fuzia was preparing an MA in the history of Egypt's mediator at the University of Oxford. She had got the honors of the first degree in English from the College of St. Hilda's at Oxford University, a private college girls.

Blessed journey

A friend of Jonathan: The honeymoon trip to Jonathan and Fawzia trip was a blessing; as keen on visiting some Islamic sites. They spent some time in Jerusalem and visited the Islamic monuments in this city, accompanied by the Palestinians whom they met there, and Jonathan and Fuzia sympathize with the Palestinian cause. They like to go to mosques and Islamic centers in London, Oxford and other British cities. And they were happy couple in their married life.

Since reaching adulthood Jonathan latest many changes in his life, his family and surprised some acquaintances. Perhaps it was John Burt administratively firm controls the heuristic in the British Broadcasting Corporation, but that there are areas beyond his control, including the life of his son, Jonathan.

Jonathan and refuses to talk to the British media about his private life different. It also refuses to discuss issues related to faith and conversion to Islam; Considering that these issues are not for public discussion. But at the same time is not a person introvert or Athab public forums, but in order to call to God would not hesitate to talk to people and argue with them in the best manner. He says that Islam commands us to call God and Bmoazp good argument and one that is better, where God says in His Holy Book "Invite to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in ways that are best." He said the Prophet peace be upon him: "Convey from me even a verse."

As for his refusal to talk to the British media about his private life and his conversion to Islam, "it is because it is my part does not matter one Suai."

Said Bert Jr.: My father and a public figure known media man but I'm not. This is also evidence of the real difference between him and his father.

Father Bert said: I am very happy with my son's personal life. I am also happy marrying Fawzia Bora Indian Muslim Journalist.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

HOW converted TO Islam ? PART III

Muslim American child he studied Islam in the sixth and eighth in goodwill 

His mother brought him books about all religions and after reading the closer, he decided to be a Muslim before meeting a Muslim one. I want to become a photographer to convey the right image about Muslims. Says the Prophet peace be upon him: "Every child is born on instinct, Vabuah Ehudana or Christian or Imjdzisanh." The story today is only the confirmation of this hadith. He was born Alexander Fritz Christian parents in 1990. And his mother decided from the outset that chooses to leave his religion away from any family or social effects. And that learning to read and write until I brought him books about all heavenly religions and non-heavenly. After reading closer, Alexander decided to be a Muslim! The passion of love for this religion to the point where he learned the prayer, and know many of the legal provisions, and read the history of Islam, and learn a lot of Arabic words, and save some of the fence, and learn Times. All this without having to meet a Muslim one! Based on his reading he decided to be the new name "Mohammed Abdullah named after the messenger, which I love since childhood." Aptdona is the question Are you kept? "Uttered in Arabic! - I told him no, and I felt disappointed hope. Went on to say," but you are a Muslim and you know Arabic is not it "?. Omatarna and many questions," are Hajj? "" Do you perform Umrah? "" How do you get to wear Ihram? "is it expensive?" Can I buy or sell here in Saudi Arabia only?. "What are the difficulties experienced by being a Muslim in a non-Islamic?". - I expected that little things relating to his colleagues or teachers, things related by eating or drinking, or Btaqah white worn by, things related to Balgtrh enveloped in the head on the way in Yemen, or siding muezzin in a public park before praying, but his answer was unexpected and was quiet and mixed Bal_husrp "miss some prayers sometimes because I do not know the times what is the thing that attracted you to Islam? Why did you choose Islam without the other? -skt for a moment and then replied," I do not know, all I know because I read about it and the more I read I loved it more. "is Ramadan silence? - smiled and said yes, I fully silence last Ramadan and thankfully, the first time that the fast, I've had a difficult, especially in the early days. "Then "We have challenged me and my parents that I will not be able to fast, but I did not believe that silence." What is your wish? - He replied quickly, "I have many wishes, I wish to go to Mecca and accept the black stone." "I've noticed great interest in the pilgrimage, Is there a reason for that?". _ Interfered with his mother for the first time to say, "The Kaaba Photos fills the room, some people think that what is going through now is a kind of fantasy, a kind of adventure that will end someday, but they do not know that it is not serious, but also that his faith deep enough not to Ihsha others. loud smile face Mohammad Abdullah and he sees his mother defends him, then took explains her circumambulation around the Kaaba and how the Hajj is a manifestation of equality between people and their creation of their Lord, regardless of color, sex, wealth and poverty. then he added: I am trying to collect what remains of his pocket money weekly so that I could go to Mecca someday, I've heard that the trip would cost close to 4 thousand dollars, and I now have a $ 300 ".. suspended his mother, saying in an attempt to deny any shortening of the tip: I do not have any objection to going to Mecca, but we do not have enough money to send at this time. What are your hopes other? - I wish I could go back Palestine for Muslims, this land has been raped by the Israelis them. His mother looked at him surprising Verdf suggesting that there is already a debate between him and his mother on the subject: Mom, you did not read out of history, Read the history, I've been raped Palestine. And do you have other wishes? My wish to learn Arabic and memorize the Koran. What do you want to become in the future? - I want to become a photographer to convey the right image about Muslims. I've watched a lot of movies that distort the image of Muslims, I watched as many good films about Islam and issued by the people I consider my idol has converted to Islam in the sixties. And I'm going to study Islam at the University of Oxford, I've read that they have a good program in Islamic studies. Would you like to be taught in the Islamic world? He replied, certainly, especially in Al-Azhar. His mother intervened to say, "Have you ever seen the movie Three Kings?" It is a film about the Gulf War, it is a wonderful film. And here expressed displeasure about Muhammad said, "It's a bad movie, did not like him at all," Here She and his mother, saying that he does not like him because American soldiers have killed some Muslims for no reason, but a good movie in general! Do you find difficulty in eating? And how to avoid pork? "Pig dirt too, I'm surprised at how they eat meat, my parents know that I do not eat pork so do not they offer me, and if we went to a restaurant, I tell them I do not eat pork. Do you pray in school? Yeah, I discovered a place secretly in the library I pray it every day. and the time for Maghrib prayer, he looked to the saying: Do you allow me adhan?, then he was authorized at the time that overflowed the eyes with tears! Let's look at the conditions of our children and what Ohtmathm as well as our youth (PlayStation, Star Academy, songs and movies , Tvhit, football, etc. ..) Is it Mujibur ??????????????!
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________
Amr bin Qais said: If you hit something good Vaaml do not even once of his family
> God grant us the hiccups before parting Arjon employer to work on the valid
> I finished my studies in the Institute of Health after the hardship I did not disciplined in my studies, but
> God pleased me graduation and appointed in a nearby hospital from the cities
> Thankfully Amaury accessible live between my father .orteurt that the whole dowry for my wife ... which
> Tgesna him and my mother every day. The work was progressing very serious and uncluttered private and I work in
> Military hospital
> I loved the movement that succeeded in the practical theory dull compared to my studies
> Includes the hospital staff of different nationalities approx. The relationship with their relationship
> Action as they were benefiting from them and Judy Kappen of the country I am their evidence archaeological areas
> Markets and also I'd go to each farm and was a strong relationship with their
> As usual at the end of a contract staff we are doing a farewell concert one day a British doctors decided to travel to his country to the end of his tenure with us. Consulted in the establishment of a farewell ceremony was his exact location is a farm has been arranged in general, but it takes most of my thinking what is the gift that I will present to him, especially his lieutenant, I worked for a long time. I found the gift value and appropriate at the same time. This doctor airs collect traditional pieces and without fatigue or discomfort and my dad has a lot of these pieces was that I asked him I took a piece of heritage-making region in the past and was
> Cousin of the present dialogue with me and my dad said why do not you take him a gift in the form of a book about Islam. I took the artifact did not take the words of my cousin seriously, but that God is pleased
> I command without effort went from tomorrow to buy newspapers and magazines from the library and found a book about Islam in English. Returned the words of my cousin ring in the ears of the idea of ​​bringing buy it, particularly as the price was cheap so I took the book and Day celebration to bid farewell to our colleague and put the book central piece of heritage and if I were to hide submitted my gift and it was goodbye influential, this doctor is loved by all employees traveled our friend passed the days and months fast and I got married and gave birth to a child
> One day I received a message from Britain ... read slowly it was in English initially understand some of the contents and some did not understand I knew it from an old friend as long as work with us, but I came back to my mind his name the first time I hear it strange to audio (Dave God (this is his name ..
> Closed the message I'm trying to remember a friend named Dave God, but I was unable to remember the name of this person opened the letter read it again ... quietly flowed characters simply and easily this part of the letter ..
> Brother Karim Guest .. God of peace, mercy and blessings of God ... I have pleased me and guided me to Islam, your hands will never forget your friendship with me ... and Sadawa you ... I remember the book that Ohditni him
> When my ... I've read it one day and increased yearning to learn a lot about Islam ...
> It is reconciling God to me that I found on the cover the publisher of the book sent to them ask for more ...
> They sent me what I asked for ... and thankfully Radiate the light of Islam in my heart ... and I went to the Islamic Center
> And declared an Islamic ... and I changed my name from John to (Guest God) to any name you owner
After credited God I also enclose a copy of the certificate you declare an Islamic ... and I'll try to come to Mecca to perform the Hajj brother in Islam Dheifallah
> Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings
> Closed quickly prepared a message ... open ... began to read it again ...
> Looked down upon by the message strongly ... because I feel the truth in every letter of the alphabet ... I cried a lot ... how God teachings of Islam to the man on my hands and I am falling short in his book ... does not equal five riyals a man of God to guide him
> ... I've become melancholy and joy ...
> I rejoiced that God guided him to Islam without effort from me ... and I was so sad ... because I asked myself where I am the last period for working with me ... did not invite them to Islam ... did not I know this religion ...
> Not a word to me about Islam witnessing the Day of Resurrection ...
> I have a lot Hadtthm Mazanhm ... a lot ... but I did not Ahdthm Islam does not do a little too much.
> Guest guidance of God ... God of Islam and guided me to myself and Accounting Tgosaira in obedience
> .. Will not be known, even the most despicable of the book at Real and the only one .. I thought that if a little bit of every Muslim Dedicate Muslims around only one book ... Why is it ..
> But I was shocked again ... from the horror of what I read ... some facts about Africa says ...
> Were collected amount 139 thousand million dollars in the United States for the purposes of the church. Was
> 3968100 recruit Christian missionary during the same year distributed a copy of the Bible 112564400 total number of radio and television stations in 1620 Christian station
> This statistic is taken from the International Journal of Research Christianization of America Issue 1
> Folder 11-1987 m
> Wondered where we are ... At the very least ... how driver for our non-Muslim maid ... and how our non-Muslim ... how .. how much ... pain preceded by a tear ... but the question remains ...
Where work ..
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________