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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Amazing Quran by Dr. Gary Miller


Merchant Marine

The Smallest Thing


Scientific Approach to the Quran

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Monday, August 22, 2011

E. Marshall Johnson in the Qur'an

Professor & Chairman of the Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology, & Director of the Daniel Baugh Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

." summary, the Qur'ân describes not only the development of outside form, but emphasises also the internal stages, the stages inside the embryo, of its creation & development, emphasising major events recognised by contemporary science."

Author of over 200 publications. Former President of the Teratology Society among other accomplishments. Professor Johnson began to take an interest in the scientific signs in the Qur'ân at the 7th Saudi Medical Conference (1982), when a special committee was formed to inquire in to scientific signs in the Qur'ân & Hadîth. At first, Professor Johnson refused to accept the existence of such verses in the Qur'ân & Hadîth. But after a dicussuion with Sheikh Zindanî he took an interest & concentrated his research on the internal as well as outside development of the fetus.

"As a scientist, I can only deal with things which I can specifically see. I can understand embryology & developmental biology. I can understand the words that are translated to me from the Qur'ân. As I gave the example before, if I were to transpose myself in to that period, knowing what I do today & describing things, I could not describe the things that were described...

I see no proof to refute the idea that this individual Muhammad had to be developing this information from some place... so I see nothing here in conflict with the idea that divine intervention was involved in what he could write..."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Professor Keith L. Moore in the Qur'an

Professor Emeritus, Department of Analysis and Cell Biology, University of Toronto. Distinguished embryologist and the columnist of several medical textbooks, including Clinically Oriented Analysis (3rd Edition) and The Developing Animal (5th Edition, with T.V.N. Persaud) Prof. Moore presenting his analysis in Cairo.
Dr. Moore was a above President of the Canadian Association of Anatomists, and of the American Association of Analytic Anatomists.
He was honoured by the Canadian Association of Anatomists with the celebrated J.C.B. Grant Award and in 1994 he accustomed the Honoured Member Award of the American Association of Analytic Anatomists "for outstanding contributions to the acreage of analytic anatomy."
"For the accomplished three years, I accept formed with the Analysis Committee of King cAbdulazîz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, allowance them to adapt the abounding statements in the Qur'ân and Sunnah apropos to animal reproduction and prenatal development. At aboriginal I was afraid by the accurateness of the statements that were recorded in the 7th aeon AD, afore the science of analysis was established. Although I was acquainted of the august history of Muslim scientists in the 10th aeon AD, and some of their contributions to Medicine, I knew annihilation about the religious facts and behavior independent in the Qur'ân and Sunnah."[2] 

At a appointment in Cairo he presented a analysis cardboard and stated:
"It has been a abundant amusement for me to advice analyze statements in the Qur'ân about animal development. It is bright to me that these statements charge accept appear to Muhammad from God, or Allah, because best of this ability was not apparent until abounding centuries later. This proves to me that Muhammad charge accept been a agent of God, or Allah." [1]
Professor Moore additionally declared that:
"...Because the staging of animal embryos is complex, attributable to the connected action of change during development, it is proposed that a fresh arrangement of allocation could be developed application the agreement mentioned in the Qur'ân and Sunnah. The proposed arrangement is simple, comprehensive, and conforms with present embryological knowledge. 

"The accelerated studies of the Qur'ân and Hadîth in the aftermost four years accept appear a arrangement of classifying animal embryos that is amazing back it was recorded in the seventh aeon A.D... the descriptions in the Qur'ân cannot be based on accurate ability in the seventh century..."