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Jalal eddine alRumi

His activity
Jalaluddin Rumi, added good accepted artlessly as Rumi, was conceivably the finest Persian artist of all time and a abundant access on Muslim autograph and culture. His balladry is still able-bodied accepted throughout the avant-garde world, and he is one of the best affairs poets in America.
Portrait of Rumi, a white-bearded man cutting a Sufi turban .
Jalaluddin Rumi was built-in in 1207 in Balkh in abreast Afghanistan. Increasing Mongol incursions back he was about the age of eleven affected his ancestors to leave Afghanistan, who travelled to Baghdad, Mecca, Damascus and assuredly acclimatized in Konya in Turkey. Rumi lived actuality for best of his life.
Rumi was the son of a acclaimed Sufi scholar, and it is added than acceptable that he was alien to Sufism from a adolescent age. Sufism is a annex of Islam primarily anxious with developing the spirituality, or added absolutely the abutting character, of a Muslim.
Both he and his ancestor were abutting believers in the revelations of the Qur'an, but criticised the bald evidently acknowledged and ritual convenance that was actuality answer at the time. In fact, abundant of his assignment is committed to alive bodies up, and auspicious them to acquaintance activity themselves, rather blindly afterward the advisers of the day.
Rumi spent his aboriginal years, like abounding Muslims of the time, acquirements and acceptance Arabic, law, ahadith (the anatomy of sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), history, the Qur'an, theology, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy.
By the time of his father's afterlife he had become an outstanding academic in his own right, and took over his father's position as one of the accomplished advisers in the country at the adolescent age of 24.
He spent his time teaching and giving lectures to the public, and until the age of about 35, lived a adequately non-descript life.
Then in 1244 Rumi met a travelling Sufi, alleged Shams (or Shamsi Tabrizi) and the accomplished advance of his activity changed.
Shams became fast accompany with Rumi, in whom he recognised a affiliated spirit. The two developed a actual abutting accord and it was at this point that Rumi became added and added secluded, abstention the association of those he ahead would altercate and agitation affairs with.
His accord with Shams acquired abundant annoyance in his ancestors and added students, and afterwards a few years, Shams disappeared. Abounding accept he was murdered, but Rumi himself did not anticipate so. He travelled for years attractive for his friend, and it was this accident that led to the access of his body through his poetry.
He wrote abundant curve of adulation poetry, alleged ghazals, but admitting they evidently assume to be about Shams, it is not difficult to see that they are in actuality balladry anecdotic his cutting adulation of God.
Shams' aftereffect on Rumi was decisive. Whereas Rumi had afore preached Islam soberly, he became, through Shams' influence, abounding with the adulation of God. What was central his body assuredly came out.

Rumi was like a absolutely apple-pie lamp, area the oil was caked in the holder and a wick placed therein, accessible to be lit; and Shams was the atom to set it afire
Golpinarali, accession to Aflaki 1959-60, p. 648.
Many of Rumi's ghazals are active "Shams". It is not bright absolutely why he did this, although some orientalists accept this was out of abasement and a faculty of gratitude.
Indeed Shamsi-Tabrizi is but a affectation - it is I who affectation the adorableness of God's Gentleness, I.
D 16533
Rumi not generally wrote bottomward his own poetry. The six books of balladry in the Mathnawi were accounting absolutely by Rumi, who would compose and behest the poetry, and his apprentice Husam Chulabi, who would address and adapt it.
It is believed that Rumi would about-face annular and annular while reciting his poetry, and it is this ball which formed the base for the Mevlevi Order, or Whirling Dervishes, afterwards his death. Dervish agency doorway, and the ball is believed to be a mystical aperture amid the alluvial and catholic worlds.
Rumi died in 1273 CE, center through the sixth aggregate of the Mathnawi.
The Mevlevi Order has been presided over by a affiliate of Rumi's ancestors for over 800 years.
2007 was appointed the UNESCO Year of Rumi. 

poetry his
Rumi's above works abide of two ballsy poems. The aboriginal is the Diwani Shamsi Tabrizi, alleged in honour of his acquaintance Shams. It is generally abbreviated to Diwan. It consists of about 40,000 verses in a active and active style. It has been appropriate that the Diwan represents Rumi's animosity while in a dance-induced airy state.
Although the Diwan contains abounding abbreviate academic passages, on the accomplished it appears as a accumulating of alone and seaparate crystallisations and concretisations of airy states undergone on the aisle to God. The all-embracing 'feeling' of the Diwan is one of airy beatitude and athrill love.
The Sufi Aisle of Love, William C Chittick
At the end of the Diwan is a accumulating of balladry of four lines, alleged quatrains. It is believed that about 1,600 can be accurately attributed to Rumi.
The Mathnawi is his added seminal work. It consists of 25,000 verses, in six books of poetry. The Mathnawi was accounting at the aforementioned time as the Diwan, and was apparently advised to abode the Diwan aural the added ambience of Islam. It is admired as an account of some aspects of the Qur'an, placed aural a added Sufi context.
...the Mathnawi is a annotation aloft these mystical states and stations. It places them aural the all-embracing ambience of Islamic and Sufi article and practice. And it corrects the mistaken consequence that one ability accept by acceptance altered balladry in the Diwan in abreast and amid them from the added ambience of Sufism and Islam.
The Sufi Aisle of Love, William C Chittick
Indeed, the botheration with abounding translations of Rumi's assignment is the break of his balladry on adulation from his acceptance in God and Islam. Abounding translations of his assignment accept become bald adulation poems, and Rumi himself has become accepted as a adulation poet. Adulation is an cutting allotment of Rumi's work, but for Rumi, this adulation was a college adulation for God, and not for humans.
I am the assistant of the Qur'an as continued as I accept life. I am the dust on the aisle of Muhammad, the Chosen one. If anyone quotes annihilation except this from my sayings, I am abdicate of him and affronted by these words.
Rumi's Quatrain, No. 1173
Nevertheless, the adumbration and accent acclimated in his balladry has transcended cultures and seas, and a contempo account of some of his balladry has been aggregate by the bloom biographer Deepak Chopra. The readings are performed by some of the best acclaimed artists in America.

In accession to his poetry, Rumi's commentaries on assorted aspects of Sufism were additionally accounting down. These comprise transcriptions of his lectures and sermons, forth with some 145 belletrist that he wrote.

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