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How converted to Islam?-PART I

Did not yield in immortalized
Samuel Kennedy, son of head of state of Detroit
Who has worked for most of his life Xaq wines in a nightclub in the state famous American,
One day he will stand at the level of the holy sites, Matuszha ihraam white, Mpthla sire of Almighty prayers and supplication.
Valhaj American who abandoned alcohol and leaving the consumption of alcohol and turning to the muezzin of a mosque in the state unleashed drops of tears that fell Madrarh from his eyes after that haunted by surprise and its inhabitants dread and aunt tranquility and Racth spiritual atmosphere in the holy sites, to recover quickly tape his memories, which returned to a barbecue at noon one winter day six years ago when he entered in a heated discussion with a kinsman of his friends who carry the banner of defending Islam. Says Kennedy: «in that debate protector afternoon in apparent vulnerability to the wave of hostility to Islam led by the Western media, but that Kin Muslim succeeded in confronting relegating some of my convictions, as EVERYDAY ambiguity toward this debt, oddly enough, I started a journey to find with Nsepe about the mysteries of this debt until Srerta reassured him and pronounced certificates inside the compound of the Islamic ».
Then his life changed radically Vhger charm red watchful nights, bottles of wine and luxury, replacing them with a divine Bmanajah honest, and after that has been on providing cups filled Palmskrat Pat calls on Muslims to prayers across Sdhat fiducial fired five times every day. Inside Mina summons Ismail «as it pleases him that nickname» file memories, revealing the story of his conversion to Islam happily great, accompanied by a wave of remorse on the past glorious and a glimmer of hope for the future was dressed in pink after that ceramics him the news of the birth of his son, Mohammed before a month from now.
The bartender turned to the muezzin is nothing more than one of the 11 thousand pilgrims came from American United States to perform the Hajj this year, and each of them his own story and the novel, different, but they all Akedzoa whiteness level Taher timid hearts and souls of subject
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Name before Islam: Joseph Morris
After the name of Islam: Mohammed Yousuf
Nationality: American
Age: 45 years
Occupation: Economy & Business
Previous Religion: Christianity
Hedaya reason: knowledge of the Koran

Cardinal is the first assistant to the Pope launched this label Cardanal- priest, deacon at Cardinals assistants to the pope, bishop of Rome, the label Cardinal releasing the Cardinals assistants to the Pope as the Patriarch of the Church in the West, and the door is from selects and appoints the cardinals in their curricula, and live thereafter to Aloerarkhih church and enters in the order of power, has hired them manage the Catholic Church in the world, and in the Vatican now, and chairs of each committee or a compound in the church Cardinal, and when it elected a popes on the impact of his death, meets cardinals to elect the pontiff's new, and this is called the meeting of the Holy Synod, and during which choose a new pope and elected from among them.
Joseph Morris
- From the jungles of Africa, the black emigrated ancestors to the United States, Fotnoa where a long time ago and received citizenship, and then Born «Joseph Morris» parents Americans of African descent-skinned black Txoad night, grew up on the land and then earned a degree high, MA economy and business from Tulane University, and converts to Christianity believes that Jesus, the Son of God, and practiced rituals of worship inside the church.
- Decamp to Australia and a group of his friends and his girlfriend was with him that he wants to marry her, this trip was a business trip in Sydney's finest historic cities of Australia, at the airport in this city was waiting for the door to guide wide open:
Mohammed Yusuf says: «Peace and inviting»
- While we're on the way to get out of the gate at Sydney Airport, and if a young man mild-mannered look like serenity and tranquility, and good Salutation, and strong science shook my hand and handed Ali and we started dating, attracted me to his beautiful with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and also said it is of men call and reporting on religion Islamic, and then I did not know anything about Islam than ever before, and when he reassured me talk for two hours and telling me about Islam. I knew it the basis of belief in this religion and the fact that Jesus and Adam peace be upon them, and I knew him that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets and messengers.
- And then he gave me a copy of the Koran translator in English, I started reading it, I could not stop myself from reading it for three hours Hdtna its meaning and its interpretation of the Mskharc universe and the verses of God's great, that are consistent with the human mind, I knew that God is the Lord Jesus and Muhammad Each messenger.
And that "begets not {3} did not have a longer {4}"
(Sura fidelity)
- Began to wake up from Gfelti if I were in a dream and I do not want that interrupted me see what I see in front of me, I felt motivated for this strong for existing debt, began to ask myself: Is Islam is the true religion? Is it a good religion for all mankind? I found the answer is yes, it is really religion good for people in general everywhere, all the time, it is religion that Sikrbena of God, and opened my heart to him and Ecstasize my chest as I read, I felt I was in complete peace with myself, and I realized that Islam is the true religion, Fajterth be our to me, the strength of my desire and my conviction that God is one, not a partner.
- I could not hide my desire for my dearest friends and the people closest to me, when I got Fujdtna read in the interpretation of the Koran translator.
What is this book?
- She asked me about him and I said: It is a book the Koran, which Muslims are not done wrong in the hands of his successor. Then I knew I loved Islam that filled my mind and the king of sentimental and want to engage in it. Fagin crazy and began to vote and let me to tell the rest of the friends what I want. Everyone came to me and began to tarnish the reputation of Islam in front of me and say Islam does not fit you. Pink was for them categorically. I've owned my mind and Islam Jawarha no one can Atnini accepted. I've explained to them that this debt did not force anyone to Aatnqaúh I believe in God our Lord and Islam. You do not know the extent of my happiness and comfort myself when I read the Koran. Do not you know that this religion calls for peace
Do not you know that this religion calls for love among all people. Did not find a way for my return to the whim again. We ended up, and then I called my father to tell them that I want to enter Islam. Vgilloa me very angry, because of their ignorance of Islam and what they hear about him. So I told them I found myself in Islam, I have found comfort from what I feel contentment and tranquility and safety now. Ended up.
- They said to me: Muslims favor killing Westerners limit their thinking. I could not dissuade them from their expectations and think this way, and the whole family disowned me. No longer talk to him every Hgerna friends in Australia, and all that was in my opinion Azidny adherent and save more from the Koran, became for me a friend and a powerful weapon Mansa challenge by confrontations. I agreed and my father's father and my friend told me that we will not get married so as long as you do not need to return to the Catholic Church. On this night did not see my eyes to sleep and did not shut her eyelid did not rest my mind for a moment, that the light of the morning dawned the light of Islam. I called the brother who gave me the Koran previously, and clarified his desire and longing of including Oanih to Islam and then went back inside me while they were performing evening prayers and found a strong motivation for existing Islam want to enter in this religion and what is the road where the way?
- When they heard it from me and knew the extent of Sidky said to me: Say «I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah» pronounced certificates, and then I went back to the hotel but did not find anyone who knew them. I left the hotel and boarded the plane to Japan, and I could catch up with them. But I preferred to stay because of my love for Islam. I called on the Muslim Brother again and talked to him for half an hour, I went back to the mosque to know more about Islam, I became one of them floated with them to Australia for three months. Then India for 49 days and then Pakistan for a period of 69 days, and I was very happy, and then decided to go for Hajj, and I took a visa from Pakistan for three of the country, one of the States and then Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, then traveled to this country, and I stayed there for two days and I was on the verge of departure, but entered the mosque to pray there group. They've been watching me, came a man from the police and took me with him, and began directing many questions for me, then Helauna to the views of the intelligence, and it was what was received from the torment Magayt, Kahrbwa my body several times, and put me in solitary confinement, I could not find anyone to speak with him is God Almighty, I pray and fast and Lord Ahmed, step up believing in God because of the plague. As narrowed my case, I took off my clothes, and I told them kill me, and they said to me you are a Muslim and you may not take off your clothes you must wear them. I told them: How do you say I am a Muslim and Tazpununa this torment, then they deported me from this prison to another prison, was full of prisoners Arabs, and found them good treatment, then told the Swiss Embassy Chargé d'affaires of America in this country, that the Americans present in their prisons, and then try to Swiss meet me in vain and they could not do so. - Tell the Swiss, in turn, Section American, who informed the turn the White House that I was being held by the State, then went after it from the prison to the United States after he spent two years, and you're about to die in prison, and I've lost my family and my girlfriend and all those around me before all of them thought I died.
"Those who migrated and were driven from their homes and traumatized in Sapele and fought and died for their sins Okfrn and Adkhalnhm Gardens underneath which rivers reward from God and God has a good reward"
(Surah Al-Imran verse 195)
- I thought all of them died in prison, I hope the reader to ascertain that God tested my heart and that the Almighty chose me to be a Muslim, a believer in God.
- Taking both meet me ask me about my position on Islam after this torment and suffering that Anithma. The response was a surprise for them that Islam did not bother me one iota, Ali did not sign any pain or any desperation did not hate anyone. Islam the way of life, Islam means peace, and the Muslim is the one who seeks peace by his faith in God, I've become my duties are acts of piety motivated by a deep love of God Almighty.
- My hope is that the reader knows how difficult my job an African American Muslim lived among Westerners. But I am proud to raise my head high, and that became a Muslim and I am very happy and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I blame some Muslims who belong to Islam and do not understand the work done is give a picture together to fellow Muslims.
- It is worth mentioning that I refused to prepare a book about that journey is difficult, despite the huge financial inducements, and refused to do so because the Western media gives a bad image of Islam.
- For the second time I say did not leave my pain in prison impact in any one hates me, and I say it for the tenth time did not hate any Muslim, whatever his nationality.
- I spent a year in hospital after returning from prison, now and then I came to Kuwait to learn the Arabic language to increase understanding of the Koran and Islam, Vaandhantna Islam Presentation Committee, and found where all the feelings of brotherhood, cooperation and welcoming of all those inside.
- I also wish life and death the land of Muslim, and pray for the funeral prayers, even mercy on God Brahmth- has God tested my heart piety, and I know that and Thank God I have followed the rules and guidance of the Holy Quran and the Hadith, and I've kept all the insistence on adhering to Baslami 200%, However, some Muslims make to keep faith difficult for new Muslims, and finally I came to Kuwait, because it is a country of safety and security for everyone, and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
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