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HOW converted TO Islam ? PART 4

Son of head of the BBC converts to Islam

Jonathan Burt keen son of John Birt, Director General of the BBC, "BBC" to work in the school holiday period during the summer in an Islamic bookstore specializing in selling Islamic books and publications. He was also entered into discussions with customers about Islam, and explain to them the vision of Islam in addressing many of the issues faced by human societies. Bert was small during his journey of faith has studied Islam in depth. After thinking long this faith journey led him to convert to Islam.

It was Jonathan Birt when converting to Islam still lives in the family home in Northberry south London with his parents and his sister Eliza. And Jonathan Burt is named after his conversion to Islam to Yahya, the Arabic name corresponding to the name Jonathan. He was happy with its new name.

Jonathan did not want to take advantage of his father's fame in the media, but he preferred to retire away from the media spotlight and eager for action lawsuit. It was considered that his work in the library facilitates the task of his call to Islam with customers who frequent the library. Here we follow the path of faith journey to Bert small that led him to convert to Islam nine years ago.

Father John Burt admitted that there were not many things common between him and his son only a few things, although they lived together under one roof in most days of the week. The father was anxious that their lives Sttbaeidan more and more.

The mission of John Birt to lead a working group composed of thousands of people his mission to provide information to tens of millions of people all over the world. While the task of his son to spend his day in the attempt to publish a call of God on a smaller scale.

Islam and TV

And while he was riding a father Bert Omozan chauffeured car to the headquarters of the "BBC" in central London, Bert Jr. was riding the train from the station and Nduarth Common to the Islamic library in south London where it operates during the school summer holidays. In this library sold Islamic books and she knows the Library of the Academy of Al-Azhar, which opened in early August 1997.

Those who worked with Burt Jr. in this Islamic bookshop selling Islamic books and publications, and strange to them from a book titled "Islam and the television." Jonathan was the only non-Asian person who works in this Islamic library. It is also the only one who works in the center, which follow him this library, and to inform visitors about the courses that are taught Arabic language and Islamic customs.

Jonathan's work in the library during the summer vacation due to his interest in Islam which linked the fate of his life for nine years. Although Western upbringing, it was proud of the name Yahya, an Arabic name corresponding to the name Jonathan. The conversations include quotations in Arabic from the Koran.


In July 1997 he married Bert son of an Indian Muslim girl named Fawzia Bora. In the honeymoon Zara Syria, Jordan and East Jerusalem, and the desire to know the Islamic monuments in those areas.

When Burt Jr. grew up in his family home with his father Bert Catholic and his mother was born in America, the artist Jane Lake and his younger sister, Eliza, Jonathan did not show inclinations which would foreshadow his future religious.

The father Bert Catholic doctrine, he admitted that he did not care very much about the issue of his faith, he says: "I was not a religious man but I respect the religion."

When Burt Jr. was at the University of Manchester, England studying modern history, political science, he met a Muslim student who is thinking about religion forever. And began to change his outlook toward religion, and was a fellow Muslim in his room a significant impact on the occurrence of this change. The impact of this fellow Muslim in which his behavior and his way of life. Jonathan denied that this was the reason the owner in his conversion to Islam, but he considered him as a great influence on his decision.

Comparative Religion

In the middle of the last academic year of study, leaving Jonathan. Says Professor Frank Oujurman professor of modern history and political science at the University of Manchester, England: Jonathan left the study; because he could not settle here. He had particular problems, and was not happy with the course.

Jonathan registered his name in the bachelor's degree in the subject of comparative religion at the Institute of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. At this time, showed enthusiasm in this article, stressing that there would be no problems hamper his studies. Indeed, did not face any problem in this study, but he got the honors of the first class in this subject.

In the past year he attended the graduate teacher training at the University of Warwick. After a few weeks of the end of the session, Jonathan chose to work in an Islamic center. Friends say: that he thought that his ideas and viewpoints can glow through Islam. It was in that period goes on weekdays from Monday to Friday with his family in south London, while spending the weekend on Saturday and Sunday with his wife in Oxford.

The first meeting

Jonathan and Fawzia met for the first time in a lecture in 1996, and a friend said to them: Fawzia was working as a journalist at the time. And their love was love at first sight for both of them. He is sincere in his love for her. The time Fuzia was preparing an MA in the history of Egypt's mediator at the University of Oxford. She had got the honors of the first degree in English from the College of St. Hilda's at Oxford University, a private college girls.

Blessed journey

A friend of Jonathan: The honeymoon trip to Jonathan and Fawzia trip was a blessing; as keen on visiting some Islamic sites. They spent some time in Jerusalem and visited the Islamic monuments in this city, accompanied by the Palestinians whom they met there, and Jonathan and Fuzia sympathize with the Palestinian cause. They like to go to mosques and Islamic centers in London, Oxford and other British cities. And they were happy couple in their married life.

Since reaching adulthood Jonathan latest many changes in his life, his family and surprised some acquaintances. Perhaps it was John Burt administratively firm controls the heuristic in the British Broadcasting Corporation, but that there are areas beyond his control, including the life of his son, Jonathan.

Jonathan and refuses to talk to the British media about his private life different. It also refuses to discuss issues related to faith and conversion to Islam; Considering that these issues are not for public discussion. But at the same time is not a person introvert or Athab public forums, but in order to call to God would not hesitate to talk to people and argue with them in the best manner. He says that Islam commands us to call God and Bmoazp good argument and one that is better, where God says in His Holy Book "Invite to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in ways that are best." He said the Prophet peace be upon him: "Convey from me even a verse."

As for his refusal to talk to the British media about his private life and his conversion to Islam, "it is because it is my part does not matter one Suai."

Said Bert Jr.: My father and a public figure known media man but I'm not. This is also evidence of the real difference between him and his father.

Father Bert said: I am very happy with my son's personal life. I am also happy marrying Fawzia Bora Indian Muslim Journalist.

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