Thursday, September 25, 2014

MOHAMMAD John Webster

Head of the Mission of the Islamic English 

I was born in and grew up a Christian Dandan Brocstanaa In the year 1930, in the second decade of my life and I faced the problems that often meted intelligent young man uses his mind and is mainly associated with trapping between the affairs of everyday life and the requirements of religion and here Sadftna first point of weakness in Christianity. 

Christianity is the doctrine of double considered minimum sinful and turn their backs to the facts of life and the complexity of their hopes on the afterlife and therefore developed a system religiously for people special on Sunday that is unmatched in the rest of the other days in the week, and at a time when England are suffering a lot of situations of poverty, deprivation and social stability, the Christianity did not try to work something out in this way for Hamas in this young and under the influence of passion more than the realities of the impact of knowledge undermine my faith in Christianity and became a communist. 

For the communist convince them limited to a young man passionate teenager did not take a long time even identified the nature foul based on class struggle, which does not stop and when uttered communist principles material tended to study philosophy and religions and began by observing everything around me I feel the unity of this presence and led me this to my conversion Albancih a religion reverence for nature and its laws. 

Difficult to betray us Westerners to learn about Islam since the Crusades, and we see either a deliberate omission to mention Islam and either deliberate distortion and distortion of facts. 

Then happened upon my stay in Australia that requested a copy of the Koran from the Sydney public library to read the introduction to what the interpreter even touched intolerance against Islam and exposed blatant, but that did not Otmalc closed the book and leave it, and I did not have a translation of the Quran carried out by a Muslim. After weeks ago I was in Perth in Western Australia then resumed research in the public library for a copy of the Koran, provided that her translator for granted. 

I can not express in words how cosplay Once Tlaote for the first Surah Al-Fatihah which Bayatea seven. 

Then I read about the life of the Prophet - peace be upon him - and I spent a few hours in the library that day LED Gath my students and Bgiti and, God willing, thanks to him that I am a Muslim, even though I did not before have I met a Muslim, Fbaran library that day tired of the impact of what I suffered from an intellectual effort and passionate. 

On a second visit to the library you Osail myself whether a dream that happened after that, or is a reality and it was impossible to believe what had happened and came out of the library to pick up a cup of coffee and while I pointed out in the way if am looking located on the building behind the wall of a high red brick written it (the mosque Muslims) I said to myself on the spot while the right has been known to follow you on the spot, "declared say:" There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God "and thus became, thanks to the God of the Muslims

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