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HOW converted TO Islam ? PART II

In the plane, which Oqltinay from Jeddah bound for Paris after I met him that I knew him, he had loosened his head on the seat cushion and wanted to fall asleep, I said to him: Peace be upon you, Abu Mohammed, where are you, O man, 

It's a coincidence nice to meet you here in the plane, and will not let you sleep, there is no time to sleep, do not you think these hosts and hostesses need to call and mentoring, Arise, and fennel all helped Grandpa Perhaps God could have put one of them on hand so that is better for you than red camels, Senna nation advocate?! Not sleep?! , Do not rest after today! The man lifted his gaze and stared at me, and introduced me to even stood up, he says: Dr. Sarhan unreasonable! Do not see you on the ground to find you in Heaven, Welcome Welcome, I did not expect to see you on the plane, but you're in Bali fact, it was expected to see you in France or South Africa .. I'm still not working there as director of the Office of the Association! But tell me what these beautiful moments that I see you standing on it in front of me on the plane! I do not believe my eyes .. 

- Believe Believe it not, my brother, you see me standing in front of you Bashhami and meaty, including I think I see you absent-minded. 

- Yes, I was thinking that a child of ten years, who met him in Johannesburg, which is the safest did not escape his father and pastor. 

- What's the safest child and his father, a priest .. then .. Turn off and tell me about this story, I smell a beautiful story, the story of fragrant, come Lord told me. 

- It is a story stranger than fiction, but God Almighty if he wants something, it spends, the kingdom of his hand everything Almighty guides whom He wills and portent. 

Here's the story: I was in the city of Johannesburg and I was praying once in a mosque, if a child ten years old wearing clothes Arab, no white dress and cloak Gulf Arab afford shoulders, and a head scarf and headband, Vshidna appearance, it is not usually the people of South Africa to wear as well as the understanding of wearing trousers the T-shirt and put mufflers on their heads or they wear Islamic dress, which is characterized by the Muslims of India and Pakistan, both sides of Famer and threw the greeting of Islam Then I salute him and I told him: Are you the Saudi?! 
He said to me: No, I am a Muslim I belong Per diameters Islam .. Vtjpt and I asked him: Why wear this outfit Gulf?!? He replied: because I cherish is the costume Muslims .. 
Famer man who knows the boy and said: ask him how the safest?! Vtjpt of the question that the man ask the boy how the safest .. I said to the man: a Muslim or not?! 
Then I went to the boy by asking: Was not a Muslim before?! Are not from a Muslim family?! 
Then scrambled questions in my head, but the boy said to me: I'll tell you the story from the beginning until the end, but first tell me where you're from? I said: I'm from Mecca! 
Once the child heard my answer that I'm from Mecca even rushed towards me wants Maangta and kiss me and say take: from Mecca! From Mecca! What I was pleased to see a man of Mecca country of God, I am looking forward to see it .. Vtjpt from the words of the child, and I said to him: Lord, tell me about your story .. He said the child was born father and a Catholic priest living in the city of Chicago in America, and there grew up and learned to read and write in kindergarten American subsidiary of the church, but my parents took care of my great care in terms of education was always what Asahbna of the church devoted to me a man teach me and Aerbini, then leave me and my father in the church library to read the magazines for children and dyed with stories of Christianity .. One day while I was in the library of the church extended hands to the topic on a library shelves, I read the title of the book if its book of the Gospel was a book riddled, but my curiosity I wanted to browsing through the book and the Hallelujah what that opened the book until it fell my eyes (and the first look) on the line wondrous recited a verse that says: this translated quote: (Christ said: Arabic prophet will come after me, named Ahmad), Vtjpt of those words and rushed to my father and I ask him simply, but wonderingly: my father and my father Oqrot this talk in this gospel?! Individual's parents: what is it? 
I said: Here in this page wondrous words of Christ, which says that the Arab prophet will come after him, who is the dad of the Arab prophet who reminded him that Christ will come after him? It is noteworthy that his name Ahmed? Do not come after my mother and my father?! If Balksas screaming at innocent child and yell it: Where did you get this book?! - From the library, O my father, church library, your own library that read them. 

- Show me this book, what a lie and the Lord Jesus Christ. 
- But in the book, in the Bible, O my father, do not see it written in the Bible. 
- The owner and this you do not understand these things you're still young, let us go home, Vshabna my father out of my hand and took me to the house and took yell me and Atoadena and he would do me such and such if I did not leave it up, but I knew that there was a secret he wants my father to hide Ali, but God guided me to begin search for all that is Arabic for the origin of the result, I took looking for the Arabs to ask them and I found a restaurant Arabs in our town, entered and asked about the Arab Prophet, he said to me the restaurant owner: Go to the mosque Muslims, and there Christdthonk about it better than me , the child went to the mosque and shouted at the mosque: are there Arabs in the mosque?! One of them said to him: What do you want from the Arabs?! He said to them: I want to ask about the Arab Prophet Ahmad? One of them said to him: Sit prefer, and what do you want to know about the Arab Prophet?! He said: I've read that Jesus says in the Bible that I read in the library of the church to an Arab prophet named Ahmad will come after him, Is this true?! The man said: Do you really read that?! If what you say is true, my son, and we Muslims are the followers of the Prophet Mohammed Arab peace be upon him, and I said what I said our Quran like us now. He cried like a child found wandering: Is it true that?! - Yes it is true, wait a bit, and the man went and brought with him a translated copy of the Qur'an and pulled out a verse from Surah row, which says: {and promising a Messenger to come after me, named Ahmad}. Cried the child: Arne them, showed him the man verse translated, shouted Child: Oh my God as it is in the Bible, did not lie Christ, but my parents lied to me, how do you guy to be followers of the Prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him). He said, to see that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, and that Jesus Christ the son of Mary slave and Messenger. Child said: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, and that Jesus is His slave and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad preached this peace be upon him, what pleased me today I'm going to my parents and Obashrh, and launched the child to his father, the pastor of joy. 

- My father and my father I have known the truth, that the Arabs are located in the United States and Muslims are in America, they are followers of Muhammad peace be upon him, and I've watched the Koran have mentioned the same verse that I have shown them in the Bible, has converted to Islam, I am a Muslim now, O my father, let's safest with me must follow the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, so Jesus told us in the Bible. 

If Balksas as if the lightning came down on his head, Vshab his young son and insert it into a small room and closed the door Sagna him, and asked not to compassionate with him, remained in jail weeks brought him food and drink and then close it again, and when he feared that exposure as his command to the government authorities - after I took the school where he teaches son sends ask for the absence of the son - and he was afraid that develops it may lead him to prison, consider banished his son to Tanzania in Africa, where the parents of the priest, and the already denied there and told the parents that do not Arahmoh if it is returned to his and Hveana as they claim, and that it cost them that kill Vliqtloh there, in Africa will not be looking for him one! 

Traveled child to Tanzania but has not forgotten his conversion to Islam and took looking for Arabs and Muslims, until he found a mosque Vdkhalh and sat down to Muslims and told them with experience Ftafoa him and took teach Islam, but the grandfather discovered his command took him and his imprisonment as his father did before, then take in the torture of the boy, but did not succeed in re-Child intention was unable to commend what he wants to be done, and Zadeh imprisonment and torture anchor and the strength to move as he wanted his God ultimately wanted his grandfather to get rid of him, he put his poison in the food, but God's kindness by not killed in that heinous crime, after eat a little food felt that his intestines hurt him Vtakio then threw himself from the room, which was out to the balcony and into the garden, which he left quickly to the congregation in the mosque who rushed to provide necessary treatment to him until the lips of God Almighty, then tell them that Akhvoh have then Herboh to Ethiopia with one of them became Muslim on his hand in Ethiopia, dozens of people invited them to Islam! Said Abu Mohammed, told me the boy: Then feared Muslims Ali Verslona to South Africa, I am now here in South Africa, sitting with scholars and attend meetings preachers Where they exist, and I call upon the people of Islam, this religion the right natural religion, the religion that God ordered us to follow him, religion Rings, religion preached by Jesus that the Prophet Muhammad would come after him and the world that followed, the Christians if they follow what came in true Christianity, for were happy in this world and hereafter, here it is: the Bible is the character that I found in the library of the church in Chicago says so, I have God guided me to that book and open it the first page and the first line I read verses tell me: (Jesus said that the Arab prophet will come after me) Oh my God what Erhmk what I will extol Hditni of no where and I'm They calculated the priest who denies and denies that! I have tears in my eyes, my doctor and I'm listening to that little child prodigy, at that young age guide him a miracle I did not imagine it, cut all these distances fugitive religion, I have listened to him and shook his hand and accepted it and I told him that God would write good on his hands, God willing, and then let me small and disappeared in the mosque, I will never forget that face irradiated by the light of faith and the face of that little boy, who called himself Muhammad. I said to Abu Muhammad: I've influenced Oh man, it's a wonderful story, I've Hawktna to see this little boy was not completed until I heard the voice of my host tells us that we commit our places have we got near to the international airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris. I sat in my seat and I echo: {You do not guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills}. I traveled back to South Africa and the image of the child Mohammed in my mind did not forsake me, and I took ask him They were telling me that he was here and he traveled to another city inviting people to God, and you are eager to speech and Salqah days, God willing, and if long-Us Age, Will you excited too ?! 

__________________________________________________ __________________

I am a female gynecologist and the birth, I work at a hospital of America eight years ago, in the last year came to a Muslim woman Arabic to put the hospital, was in pain and Ttodja such as birth, but I did not see any tears fall down them, and when near the expiry date of swirly told her I was going home and will command generated a doctor Giri; began crying and shouting warmly and frequency: No, I do not want a man. 

I am astonished that; her husband told me she does not want to enter upon a man sees; are over the age did not see her face, only her father and her brothers and her brothers and uncles (male relative). 

I laughed and told him with great surprise: I do not think that there is a man in America has not seen me yet! Vastjpt for the request, and decided to sit for her even put; puppeteers thanks and sat down to two hours, while developed. 

On the second day I came to check on her after the situation and told her that there are a lot of women suffer from diseases and infections of internal due Ahmahin the postpartum period where the closer her husband; I took to explain to me the situation for a maternity them in Islam, and I wondered very said, and while you're in harmony with the modern; entered the pediatrician to say hello to the baby and it was what she said to the mother: it is better to sleep the baby on his side right organized his heart beats, said father: We put it on his right side in application of the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him -; Fjpt for this also. 

Passed our lives to get to this science they know from their religion; so I decided to get to know this religion; I took vacation for a month, and went to another city where the Islamic center much where I spent most of the time in which to question and inquire and meet Muslims Arabs and Americans, and when interested leave; brought with me some brochures Islam, became read where I was in constant contact with some members of the center. 

Thankfully I had embraced Islam after several months.

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